No email with activation key - Facebook and Google+


I have three social logins enabled on my bulletin board: facebook, google+ and twitter.

I have followed all the documentation for installation and enabling the API's via the developer pages. Out of the three social logins I have enabled only twitter is letting me login to the board. When I try to connect via the facebook and Google+ login I get the following:
The account has been created. However, the forum settings require account activation.
An activation key has been sent to your email address.
I have checked inactive users in the ACP of my bulletin board and they are present from the social login. I have checked my oneall dashboard and the users are listed as well. However there is still no email to the users to activate their account. I also sent reminder emails via ACP and still no luck. I tried sending a test email from the ACP (General--> Client Communication--> Email settings) and it worked.

I have reviewed everything related to the API settings and such and can't figure it out so I'm hoping someone here can help me as I could not find an answer in the forum.

I'm so close and figure I'm missing a setting somewhere?

Thanks in advance.


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