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New user login via Google, but Mailchimp not auto adding email to list


New user just signed on via Google.
Profile successfully created in user explorer.
Mailchimp service already up and running. Set to auto import emails to list.
The new user's email was not imported.

Is there a delay for when this happens? Or is it supposed to happen automatically? Or is there an additional step I need to do? Please advise.

Best Answer

  • Hi Matthew,

    we have finally been able to find the issue. The "Automatic Exports" are intended to be included in our "Standard" plan. Due to a wrong setting on our side, the exports were however only processed for "Advanced" and higher plans.

    We have now fixed this issue and I have made a test login which was already pushed to your Mailchimp list.

    Best Regards,


  • Hi Matthew,

    the last Google login that I see for your site was about 3 weeks ago. Are you sure that the Mailchimp integration was enabled then?


  • edited March 3

    Yes, it was enabled.

    User Login via Google 16.02.2018 16:50
    User Login via Facebook 17.02.2018 05:51
    User Login via Google 02.03.2018 20:54

    So, 3 users logged in February 16th, February 17th and March 2nd. All 3 emails registered into user explorer, but not imported into Mailchimp. Mailchimp API key is correctly configured to the right newsletter. But no emails imported.

    Any ideas?

  • Any updates, Claude?

  • Thanks, Claude! I really appreciate you looking into this.

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