Removing "continue to" on Google sign in popup box

I was wondering, how can I remove "to continue to" on google popup box. Example:

The plugin works fine though.


  • Hi Iva,

    I'm sorry, but technically speaking this is unfortunately not possible.

    Best Regards,

  • Is that true (that it's impossible to remove "to continue to") for all of the pricing plans you offer?

  • We upgraded our plan just so we have access to an option to remove this "to continue to" And now seeing that we can not is very disappointing.

    Claude anything that you can advice us to do to remove this will be wonderful, still hopeful for a solution on this.

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    Google displays this message, as we take care of the technical handling. This is however usually not a problem, as OneAll is known by many users and so it usually reassures them to see this notice.

    What is possible, is that you replace the OneAll API subdomain by your OWN subdomain. So instead of using [your-subdomain] you would use for example

    This requires some technical modifications as well as a SSL certificate and so we offer this feature only in our Silver or higher plans.


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