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Plugin stopped working for Facebook

edited May 13 in Social Login


I've been using your plugin since a lot of time, but when I checked today if the social login is still working (with the new Facebook rules), nothing happened. The plugin returns no errors, I'm just being redirected to my homepage but the account is not even created. It seems to work with Google+ so it should be only a Facebook issue.

I already added "" to the Valid OAuth redirect URIs. Is there something else to do?


Best Answer

  • Hello,

    we have now fixed a problem where certain users could not correctly login with Facebook. Please update the plugin in your WordPress admin area.

    The latest version is 5.4.1.
    There is a good chance that the update will fix the issue.



  • Hi Thomas,

    could you please post a link to your website?
    I will have a look.


  • Hello,

    Here is the homepage :

    The website is in french.
    To open the login form click on "COMPTE" at the top right, then you will see your module under the big button "CRÉER UN COMPTE".


  • Same problem...
    It doesn't work even I followed the instructions to set new parameters in Facebook Dev, Area...

  • I'm glad to know that it's not a conflict with something else aha. Well I guess we'll have to wait for a fix :)

  • Hello,

    Thanks, it seems to work!


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