How can the OneAll module for Joomla be displayed on the Joomla Login Module?


I have followed the instructions and succesfully included The OneAll module for Joomla in position 7 of the relevant pages. However, I have not found any instructions on how to include the OneAll module on the Joomla Login Form, below the user ID and password fields. I would normally use the template override feature to do that, but for that I need the OneAll script to insert it at the appropriate place in the Joomla Login Form. Where can I find that script? Is there something else to bear in mind when inserting the script?

Thank you!


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hi Carl,

    could you please post a link to your Joomla?
    This will help me prepare the script that you need.


  • Hi Claude,

    Thanks for your reply and sorry for responding only now - the social network integration was overtaken by other priorities at the time, so it was left behind, but now it is become urgent. The site is not yet public, but the requirement is not specific to my site: I am talking about adding OneAll's login/registration button for social networks under the login fields of the standard Joomla login form (Extensions > Modules > Login Form) using a template override (i.e. without touching the Joomla core code).

    Thanks and regards,



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