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login button width collapsed on modal popup

Hi, my goal is to add Linkedin login/registration to my site.
I have succeeded doing so on the home page and registration page with shortcode, but the button failed to display properly on the login/register popup modals. It shows up as a horizontally collapsed button with just a tiny bit on the edge being clickable.
Strangely enough, the problem seems to only exists on desktop Chrome but not the mobile Chrome or even Firefox.

my site:


  • Hi Allen,

    I have not been able to reproduce the issue. Could you try to add this rule to your WordPress CSS stylesheet?


    Please tell me if that fixes the issue.

  • Hi Claude,

    Thanks for your reply and it does make sense to enforce the width through CSS, but this doesn't solve the problem either.
    Please advise if you could.

  • We have now release a hotfix that should fix this issue. Do not forget to refresh your browser's cache when testing ;)

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