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Possible bug Facebook login

edited June 6 in Social Login


I'm trying to integrate OneAll social login on Prestashop, so I'm using your Prestashop module latest version 4.3.0.

I'm having problems with Facebook login:

  • User already registered into my shop with the same email used with Facebook, so he just wants to login with Facebook.
  • He clicks on Facebook login button
  • Load a screen of data confirmation (Name, Lastname, email and newsletter checkbox).
  • If he click on confirm he get this error msg:

This email address is already taken

Seems to be that OneAll module wants to create a new account, when it just have to login because the user already exists.

I have checked the option " Enable Account Linking " and "Only ask for missing values (Faster Registration)" in your module.

What is wrong?

Thank you!


  • Hi Lucas,

    have you confirmed your Facebook account? Or is it a new account?


  • Hi Claude,

    It's my old Facebook account, it should be confirmed because I've been using it for years.

    I have other modules that uses Facebook login (cart module for example), and I have no problems with them with my Facebook account.

    Best regards!

  • edited June 26

    hey, lucas try changing the password and login again in your facebook!

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