I am getting a CORB error whenever I try to read connection data. No sure what config option if any I need to tweak on the OneAll admin panel.

Below is my code (sans the setting of the auth tokens for security):

const parameters ="&"),
pairs = => item.split("=")),
connection_token = (pairs.filter(([key,_]) => key==="connection_token")[0]||[])[1];

const url =${connection_token}.json;


fetch(url,{mode:"no-cors"}) // auth headers removed for this example
.then(response => response)
.then(response => response.json()) // error thrown here
.then(json => {
console.log(json); // expect connection data here

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    This has been resolved. the no-cors mode was introduced to overcome a different issue and was causing the readblock. Removing the no-cors resolved the problem.



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