after facebook login, the user is not able to move on from the registration page on our web page

The user successfully logs in on via facebook and reaches the site's registration page.
Your app pulls data from the user's facebook account such as email, name, surname. There is another required field on our site which is the phone number. The user has to write it manually there as the your app does not pull it from facebook. It is allright.
When the user fills this empty required field at the registration form, s/he pushes the next button to complete the registration. But the page refreshes itself and does not complete the registration.
We tried removing the required phone number field from your oneall_register.tpl. It does not change the result. The next button refreshes the page and does not complete the registration. It does not give any error too!

Please help.


  • I just installed the google login too. It also has the same problem at the registration screen. What do you suggest..?? I think it is problem between your module and my site...

  • I am using opencart

  • It only causes spinning at the registration page when I choose the "Display a registration form with social network profile data and let the customer review his data before creating his account."

    If I cancel this one, and select the other option which is direct registration without the form, then the social login works...

    So, it has to be a problem with oneall_register.tpl file. Any suggestion?

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team


    could you please login with Social Login and then have a look at your PHP error logs?
    Do you see any errors that might prevent the page from operating properly?



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