How to combine multiple social accounts.

Dear Oneall.

First of all thank you for a great help forum.

My question this time goes on how to combine two social logins in drupal.
example is that a user created an account with facebook, and afterwards try to login with google.

As it is at my site right now, it creates a new user. But i would like is that if some of the user detail match, for an example email, it would combine these two accounts, so that it doesnt matter if you log in with facebook or google. How do i acomplish this??


  • Forgot to mention that it is drupal 7 im using

  • Damien_ZARADamien_ZARAMemberAdministratorOneAll Team


    It's possible by activating Social Link in the plugin settings page, under "EDIT PROFILE PAGE SETTINGS" title. You can allows the users to link another social network. For example, they can log in with Facebook, going in their account, click on Twitter and link their Twitter account. After that, they could log in with Twitter on their regular account (without having 2 accounts).

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