Having error after install oneall social login extension

After I installed the extension,and i create a pop up for login and register.I can login using facebook through the pop up ,but it wont auto redirect to my account page,and i need to click my wishlist to login again.I can directly login when i using the button at my wishlist.
The problem is not everyone will click my wishlist,as a normal user ,will click the login or register button under my account sectionn(which mean the pop up).how to set it auto redirect after login using facebook?


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    could you please post a link to your website?
    I will have a closer look.


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    Why don't you want to contact extension's developer and ask him directly? What's wrong with people nowadays: they purchase extension and never contact a developer, rushing to OpenCart forums for help. shareit vidmate

  • Why don't you try getting in touch with the extension's creator and asking him directly? What's wrong with people today is that they buy extensions but never speak to the developers, instead turning to the OpenCart forums for support. basketball stars

  • Why don't you just ask the extension's creator a question? What's wrong with folks today is that they'll buy an extension but then turn to the OpenCart forums instead of the developer for assistance.
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    Ensure that the version of the OneAll Social Login extension you installed is compatible with your website's platform or content management system (CMS). Check the extension's documentation or the developer's website for compatibility information.Flappy Bird


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