Migrating existing Users/Identities after changing Client ID and Client Secret

Recently, LinkedIn stopped working on the Social Login feature on my site. I saw that they upgraded their security policy which was the cause. Following the instructions, I created a new LinkedIn app which forced me to update the Client ID and Secret keys. After that, the user_tokens were different and therefore it can't find the associated user for the login and creates a new account.

I've looked at the OneAll dev API and there are a couple of endpoints like syncing / re-linking users or identities which look promising but I'd really like to not screw this up, which is the reason I'm asking for any advice or ideas on how to go about doing this. I believe the access token could be relevant here too but I'm not sure.

Can anybody please advise? I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance!


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hi Jared,

    it's not possibly to precisely match users that sign up with LinkedIn between two different apps. The reason is that LinkedIn assigns the same user a different userid on each app. The access token is also tied to your client id/secret, so you cannot re-use it with a different app.

    The best solution would be to fix your existing app. What exactly is the issue with it?


  • Hey Claude,

    Thanks for the quick response, it's much appreciated. So the short version: I've had social login/link services working for years now and I have over 100 users in my system with user_tokens linked to multiple identities, including LinkedIn.

    One day, logging in with LinkedIn specifically said "bummer, something went wrong" and after some research, the instructions told me to create a LinkedIn app and then copy the new Client ID/Secret keys over. Now the problem is that when a user clicks LinkedIn, it can't find their user_token anymore, which I believe was due to the new keys.

    In terms of "fixing my existing app", how can I go about doing that? Do I update the user_identities for each user_token? Do I have to relink or re synch something? I can hit the developer API just fine, I'm just not sure how I can get my database base in working order. I have a pretty decent understanding of the relationships between entities but I can't figure out a solution that I feel comfortable with (aka. not screw up my whole userbase that logs in with LinkedIn).

    I hope that helps a bit, I'd really appreciate anymore feedback you can spare! Thanks again.

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hi Jared,

    do not try to create a new LinkedIn app, but continue with the old LinkedIn app. If you get the error "bummer, something went wrong" you probably only need to update the callback url of your LinkedIn app.

    So in a nutshell:

    • Change your setup so that uses the OLD LinkedIn app.
    • Tell us when you have made that change and send us an url where we can make a test.
    • We will help you fixing the app settings.


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