Is there a way to use login and link together?

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Is there a way to send the user token of a know logged in user with _oneall.push(['social_login', so it automatically connects it to their account when they try and login?

Something like this?

_oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_user_token', user_token]);


  • Israel


  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hi Israel,

    why would you like to display Social Login for a user that IS already logged in?


  • Thanks for responding Claude,

    We just added this plugin and our users are used to logging in with Facebook. We switched to this plugin to enable LinkedIn, Google, etc.

    We did setup a custom edit profile page with the link option. But I was trying to figure out a solution for our users to let them know without making it obnoxious if they are logged out. i.e. an old user go to the login screen and logs in with Google, but it doesn't link to their original Wordpress account.

    How is that supposed to be handled? I was trying to be able to send the user token to hook the accounts together in some way. We have told our users how to link with an internal blog post, but I know that some people are going to try and login with Google or LinkedIn and create accounts that I have to manually delete. I was just trying to avoid that entirely.


    • Israel


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