Facebook login on mobile creates "UnknowUser" when cancel

On mobile devices, Oneall creates a user with the name "UnknownUserXYZ" and logs in the user when canceling the Facebook prompt on our Drupal 8 page https://www.disclose.tv

What is wrong here? Why is the login not canceled?

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  • We use the plugin version 2.8.3 currently

  • Anyone?

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited May 2019

    Hi Uwe,

    I think that we have identified the issue.

    Please open this file in your Drupal folder:

    Then replace this line:
    if (is_array($social_data) && isset($social_data['response']) && isset($social_data['response']['request']['status']['code']))

    by this line (request becomes result):
    if (is_array($social_data) && isset($social_data['response']) && isset($social_data['response']['result']['status']['code']))

    And this line:
    if ($social_data['response']['request']['status']['code'] == 200)

    by this line (request becomes result):
    if ($social_data['response']['result']['status']['code'] == 200)

    This should fix the issue. We will also release a fixed version within a few days.



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