The social icons don't show in the module on the home page of the website only


thank you for the efforts in developing such a useful service.
There's a problem with it though: you see, in my Joomla-based website,, which uses the Helium 5 template based on Gantry 5 Framework, your Social Login module doesn't display the social icons only on the home page, but on all the other pages it shows just fine, for example, here:
Can you help me with this? What could be causing the problem?

And one more thing: this thing with the social icons display error does not depend on the template - I've tried the Protostar template and the problem still persists on the main page only, not on the other pages (please look at the screenshot of the pages on the Protostar template attached).
Can you tell me what's the reason?

Best wishes,
Pavel Mozgovoy

Best wishes,
Pavel Mozgovoy



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