Issue in Facebook in-app browser - ends at blank page

Hi all,

I've had a great experience implementing Oneall social login on my polling site, Canvassy (, but I've experienced an issue in a key user flow which I would be grateful for help diagnosing and fixing please! (I'm not a developer, btw.)

Steps to reproduce:
The user flow is:
1. Open Facebook app and go to Canvassy (search for 'canvassy' in the FB app)
2. Click through to a poll
3. Vote
4. Log in with Facebook

At this point in a 'normal' browser (Chrome or Safari) the flow works well: the user is always redirected automatically back to the vote page on Canvassy, their vote is registered, their user account is created on Canvassy, and the user can see the vote results.

In the Facebook in-app browser, however, I just get a blank page. The URL it's pointing at is the WP 'admin-ajax.php' page. ( (I edited out the puid here but you can see for yourself if you try it.)

I've made a video of each version:

I would be very grateful for any help or insight you could give as to how I can get this flow to work in the Facebook in-app browser, please!




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