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I have set up Twitter as an option to sign in to my website..
I have Facebook as well which works fine. But Twitter doesn't seem to redirect correctly.
When I click on the Twitter login button it asks me to sign in which I do, it then goes though the motions with a spinning dial and redirects me to a blank page (on prestashop a 500 page)
Is this more to do with Twitter or oneall
Also, 1 more thing if I use the Connection Test here it works fine and receive this message **Twitter is correctly setup - The full profile was retrieved after your login. **
I do get a long string of code as well, so not sure if the answer lies in there


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  • Andy_ClarkeAndy_ClarkeMember
    edited April 2020

    I have since decoded the message from prestashop and get this

    Decoded exception
    Too few arguments to function ToolsCore::redirect(), 0 passed in /home/pewterwo/public_html/modules/oneallsociallogin/controllers/front/register.php on line 161 and at least 1 expected
    in file classes/Tools.php at line 218
    using v1.6 prestashop module

  • Been told it may have something to do with outdated php.. Is there any chance the 1.6 version can be updated so it works correctly ... Although I am using a Fork of prestashop called Thirty Bees

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hi Andy,

    usually you should not get to the redirection, as this means that the plugin does not work correctly.

    Could you open this file:

    Then look for this line:
    if (isset ($this->context->cookie->oasl_data))

    And add this in a new line above:
    var_dump($this->context->cookie->oasl_data); exit;

    Then please do another test and tell me if the data is being displayed.

    Best Regards,

  • Hi there , thanks for trying to help
    Added the snippet . I now get a blank white page with
    bool(false) on the top left corner

  • Sigh ..I'm back lol
    Thought I would try Twitter log in today and ended up with a error page again
    I haven't made any drastic changes to my website in a long while, only to product.tpl
    First thing I did was to download the file again from Github ,but still a 500 page

    I get this error back
    Thank you

    ` Decoded exception
    Too few arguments to function ToolsCore::redirect(), 0 passed in /home/username/domains/ on line 161 and at least 1 expected
    in file classes/Tools.php at line 152
    Source file: classes/Tools.php

    133: try {
    134: return random_bytes($length);
    135: } catch (Exception $e) {}
    136: }
    138: return '';
    139: }
    141: /**
    142: * Redirect user to another page
    143: *
    144: * @param string $url Desired URL
    145: * @param string $baseUri Base URI (optional)
    146: * @param Link $link
    147: * @param string|array $headers A list of headers to send before redirection
    148: *
    149: * @since 1.0.0
    150: * @version 1.0.0 Initial version
    151: */
    152: public static function redirect($url, $baseUri = PS_BASE_URI, Link $link = null, $headers = null)
    153: {
    154: if (!$link) {
    155: $link = Context::getContext()->link;
    156: }
    158: if (strpos($url, 'http://') === false && strpos($url, 'https://') === false && $link) {
    159: if (strpos($url, $baseUri) === 0) {
    160: $url = substr($url, strlen($baseUri));
    161: }
    162: if (strpos($url, 'index.php?controller=') !== false && strpos($url, 'index.php/') == 0) {

    Stack trace
    1. modules/oneallsociallogin/controllers/front/register.php:161 source ToolsCore::redirect()
    2. classes/controller/Controller.php:208 source OneAllSocialLoginRegisterModuleFrontController->initContent()
    3. classes/controller/FrontController.php:255 source ControllerCore->run()
    4. classes/Dispatcher.php:852 source FrontControllerCore->run()
    5. ./index.php:33 source DispatcherCore->dispatch()


  • Yes that fix was from me... I have re installed but it is still not working

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