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I have site powered by Wordpress and use plugin wpForo and its login and registration forms. Oneall Social Login WP plugin adds social login buttons on WP Foro's registration and login page.

The problem is, that on registration page of my test site social buttons are displayed, on live site - no.

Login page and comment pages are OK on both sites - social buttons are dispalyed.

I have the same version on WP Foro on both sites. The settings of OSL are the same - and option to display social buttons on Registratiion page is "on" on both sites. The support of WP Foro replied that they have no relation to this issue.


https://waralbum.ru/community/?foro=signup (live site) In source code there is a begining of Oneall code, but the rest part is absent.

http://test.waralbum.ru/community/?foro=signup (test site, all is OK)

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  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
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    on your live website I see that there is the following code exactly at the location where Social Login should be displayed:

    <input type="hidden" autocomplete="off" autocorrect="off" name="Zwo-QQ-Kr-CqM-ZF-iDB" value="ycqDrayrNA-fBXWNKrcgE7emou8SteMUTzeLA3ytSCHOOrxIQjVx9UpteTjB7SeckkGAVujmYXX3lnUc72tglnEBP6NJdIHb3IiPJifvC3ycdm0MnNgFn7h9fD56cAVmlx4IZBBPnRY">

    This looks like some spam protection. Do you have an additional spam protection plugin on your live website? It seems to remove Social Login.

    Here a screenshot:


  • Thanks for discovering the ploblem. It is famous Akismet plugin. I disabled it on live site (on test site I didn't install it), and social buttons appeared.


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