Custom CSS with WP Plugin

I've read about using custom CSS on this site and in the files where the plug-in lives. A question or two:

1) is there a reference of some sort that identifies what classes are available for CSS styling? I could dig through the site and identify some, but I'd rather work from a more comprehensive reference.

2) Do the various pre-defined locations have unique CSS classes so they can be styled differently? I want to use the comment page embed as well as a custom embed using the PHP fired by the shortcode. I have written a little snippet of PHP that replaces the OA block with a logout link when the user is logged on. I've embedded this on the far right end of my top navbar, and need to minimize the height to prevent my navbar from balooning when users are logged out. I'm thinking in terms of an inline layout where the tallest element is the social icons themselves. If I do that where I've embedded this, will it affect all other OA embeds on the site?

I've used this plug-in before and absolutely love it Thanks!


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    Okay, I think I found my answer—I can do what I want to do, but only if I step up to a paid subscription. The Starter level plan is fairly inexpensive, but for a single non-profit site I’m not sure I can justify it for the sake of cosmetics. I’ll make it work with the free plugin for now.




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