Workflow integration with Woo Commerce and Free Coupons

Our site uses Woo Commerce to offer premium membership a new visitor has to purchase before being able to create an account, the payment is made, the account is held up for review and admin approval once done allows the new subscriber to access restricted content. The new visitor can also use a free coupon or discount coupon which is used via Woo Commerce shopping cart preceding the sign up for a new account.

Our concern is how will your plugin integrate with our worflow process? How can use your plugin to allow existing social media account holders to authenticate their accounts and then have to buy a membership before the plugin is allowed to create an account for them on our platform and access restricted content BEARING IN MIND our normal workflow involves an admin reviewing payment and then approving the account created manually. Your social login plugin typically automates the process and allows a social media account holder to automatically create an account without admin approval and without first having to shop in the shopping cart for one of several premium membership plans.



  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team


    thank you very much for your inquiry. The plugin tries to make the login as seamless as possible, so per default admin approval will not be required for new users.

    You can however easily change the plugin as bit so that user cannot register using a social network account. Instead they will first have to link their social network account in their profile settings (this feature is included) and then they can use the linked social network to login.

    We have customers with a similar setup, it's not very difficult to patch the plugin and we are there to assist ;)

    Best Regards,


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