Limiting Facebook registrations

I run a phpBB Board with a lot of content that would be interesting to a couple of Facebook pages that I moderate. Even apart from OneAll, I get a lot of spam registrations - so I have my board set so that I have to approve registrations in order to create an account; it's not automatic.

The same is true for the boards I moderate in Facebook - but, once I've approved registrations in Facebook, they would also be welcome on my Board.

I think it would be cool if:

1) OneAll would permit Facebook logins only from the Facebook pages I moderate, or from Facebook pages where I trust the moderator - and the FB page is related to the subject matter of my Board; and

2) For approved FB pages where registrations are already vetted, account creation on my Board would be automatic - while continuing to require my approval if requested outside of an approved FB page.

I wouldn't want any Facebook user to automatically register on my site; I already get too many spam registrations on the FB pages I moderate. Just, FB users who have already been approved for membership to specific FB pages.


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