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I have the service all set up and working great. I am able to login with Facebook. However the name being displayed is a strange version of the user's Facebook name.

The user's FB name is "John Q Doe", but when logging in, Drupal is displaying the name as "john.doe"... any ideas why this is occurring? Can I change the parameters for this? Logging in with Google properly returns "John Doe" as the user.

Bill Setzer

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  • Bob_DamanBob_DamanMemberModerator
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    Most people prefer not using their real names as user name. Whenver it's possible our system will gather their preferred username from the social network. Google doesn't provide a username, that's why the real names are used.

    You can change this behavior in the file social_login_core.module of the module.

    Please replace this code:

    // Forge User Login. $user_login = ''; if (!empty($identity['preferredUsername'])) { $user_login = $identity['preferredUsername']; } elseif (!empty($identity['displayName'])) { $user_login = $identity['displayName']; } elseif (!empty($identity['name']['formatted'])) { $user_login = $identity['name']['formatted']; } else { $user_login = trim($user_first_name . ' ' . $user_last_name); }


    // Forge User Login. $user_login = ''; if ( ! empty ($user_first_name) || ! empty ($user_first_name)) { $user_login = trim($user_first_name . ' ' . $user_last_name); }elseif (!empty($identity['preferredUsername'])) { $user_login = $identity['preferredUsername']; } elseif (!empty($identity['displayName'])) { $user_login = $identity['displayName']; } elseif (!empty($identity['name']['formatted'])) { $user_login = $identity['name']['formatted']; }


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