Buttons in Russian


The central button does not have the name of the social network (in the screenshot). After all, this social network has a very long name.
I suggest using the name ok.ru for odnoklassniki
I am also confused that Vkontakte is written in English, please do "Войти с помощью Вконтакте", "Войти с помощью Одноклассники".
For Facebook, I think English is quite acceptable, tk. the site itself is always written in English
I also suggest that Social Login be replaced with something like: "Вход через соц. сети", or the ability to change this title


  • DamienDamienMemberAdministratorOneAll Team


    Only the sentence before the provider name is translated in several language that's why you see Vkontakte. If you want to translated all the button sentence, you can edit the CSS code to change the "content" value of the button. You will need at least a Starter plan to be able to add your own CSS (required as the plugin is loaded in an iframe).

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