Using oneall code to "just" go to social media page, so not sharing etc

Hi all, I am using this code, as I want to use the same design as the sharing and login buttons:

<div data-force-refresh="true" class="oas_box oas_box_btns_lf"> <span class="oas_btn oas_btn_facebook" title="Delen via Facebook"></span> <span class="oas_btn oas_btn_twitter" title="Delen via Twitter"></span> <span class="oas_btn oas_btn_whatsapp" title="Delen via WhatsApp"></span> </div>

But now, basically what I want is that the links are pointing to our Facebook page, Twitter page, Whatsapp account.
Is that possible, and if not, is there another Oneall code based solution for this simple problem?

I am surprised there is not such code yet, only login, sharing, likes.


  • DamienDamienMemberAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hello Marco,

    So you want to to get the same icons (the one used for sharing) but for your own social network pages ? Did you take a look at the CSS used by our plugin ? You can maybe duplicate it and use it directly on your website.

    Best regards,


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