Does anyone have an idea on implementing OneAll social login on the backend server?

The code snippets / instructions I've found on OneAll so far involve adding HTML/Javascript code to display the login buttons.
I'm developing an app using React Native that connects to a NodeJS Express server for the backend. I was hoping it would be possible to invoke OneAll's social login from the Express server, instead of on the mobile app itself.

Basically, I'd like the mobile app to invoke, for example, GET /api/auth/facebook endpoint served by the Express backend.
Then I'd like the backend to handle the authentication part with OneAll, and return a token to the mobile app to authorize further API usage.

Hoping someone could share an idea about how to accomplish this and what the workflow should be between the mobile app, the server, and OneAll.


  • Damien_ZARADamien_ZARAMemberAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hi Dexter,

    We have a node.js SDK, did you take a look at it ?
    You would be able to add your own/more endpoints if needed.

    Best regards,

  • Take a look at hydrogen executor app they have implemented it. Hopefully you'll get lots of help.

    Good Luck

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