Facebook new requirement for user data deletion

I've just received a warning from Facebook, that my app will be terminated, unless I specify a way for users to delete their data.

There is also a new required field in the app settings for either a link to instructions on how to delete the user data or a hook for deletion.

What is the recommended way to solve this?

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  • DamienDamienMemberAdministratorOneAll Team
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    Hello Artyom,

    If you're talking about the Data Deletion Request URL field, you can set our API data deletion endpoint. You can find it in 5.a step of the Facebook Setup guide.
    What is surprising is that there is no cancellation word into privacy policy... We've added a specific paragraph (8) for user account management (especially for Facebook). I think you should contact them and give them the privacy policy link telling that a user data deletion has been added.

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  • I've also received following reply from Facebook support regarding the oneall's privacy policy:

    As per checking, your privacy policy is yet to fulfill our requirements for Platform Terms 4.b (specifically user data deletion).

    Your privacy policy page does has keyword that we're looking for such as "cancellation". However since you use keywords "cancellation" & in order to be complied with our policy, they must have supporting/additional statement that ensure the previous stored/collected will also be deleted.

    We recommend you to add another additional statement after the keywords used above. You may refer to the below example & can add any sentence that carry the similar meaning;

    "cancellation and opposition of your personal data will resulted with the deletion of the previously stored data"

  • DamienDamienMemberAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited May 2022

    Which privacy policy are you using ? Because I don't understand where cancellation word can be found...

    According to your other forum message, it's written that it does not contain cancellation word. I will try to see to add the sentence that they are asking for.

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  • They're looking for "cancellation" word on this page: https://www.oneall.com/company/privacy-policy/

  • So is this fixed yet?

    My App Was Disabled (facebook)
    This app has been restricted. Please review our Enforcement documentation before appealing a restriction decision, and only submit this form if the app was restricted for violating our Facebook Platform Policies. If you can't access your account for a different reason, please return to the Support Center to find the appropriate contact channel.

    Platform Terms 4.b:
    Your privacy policy must comply with applicable law and regulations and must accurately and clearly explain what data you are Processing, how you are Processing it, the purposes for which you are Processing it, and how Users may request deletion of that data. During testing, we found that your privacy policy doesn’t explain how users can request data deletion. Update your privacy policy to include this information before you submit an appeal."


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