Joomla 4 PhP 7.4 Custome Template and OneAll 6

Having issue after installing Oneall 6 From Repository.

We have installed Oneall product several times on Joomla 3.x PhP5.6 with success. Cant get it to work on Joomla 4 with our template.

All test with success from within OneAll component within Joomla 4 (API to Oneall is good)
Test success from OneAll website to GOOGLE (During Social setup) Profile comes back with all attributes
Buttons show on current place on Home page.
Click to login (Google button)
Pop-up askes for account credentials, We enter everything..

REDIRECT starts to happen (It seems as though its going to work..)
The given White screen :

call to undefined method joomla\cms\factory::getacl()

I assume this to be from Joomla itself...
The account Was NOT created..
The Logout button is NOT seen afterwards...

Yes, we in touch with Template developer, but wanted to ask here as well..



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