Right Backlink Strategy?

Hi guys, sorry for off topic question.

I'm diving into the world of SEO and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the multitude of backlink strategies available. I'm torn between focusing on guest posts, niche edits, or quality forum backlinks. What's been your experience? Which strategy do you find most effective for driving traffic and improving rankings?



  • In my experience, niche edits have been particularly effective for driving traffic and improving rankings. Leveraging existing content within your industry niche ensures relevance and authority. These backlinks seamlessly integrate into established content, enhancing credibility and attracting targeted traffic. You should check this guide on niche edits. Moreover, niche edits offer a balanced approach, combining the benefits of backlinking with the trust of established content for optimal SEO results.

  • Tuy_PinTuy_PinMember

    Hi, thanks for your response. One of my client sell mdphp rauchen through his website, what kind of strategy should I use to rank the site on first page?


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