Disable registrations using Social Login - code not working

I would like to disable registrations using Social login and have copied the following code into my themes functions.php file http://docs.oneall.com/plugins/guide/social-login-wordpress/#3f However when I try to login with a user that is not registrered as a Wordpress user using social login the page is redirected to the following URL: https://hamar-tennis.no/wp-login.php?oa_social_login_source=login but instead I would like it to go to the default registration page for Wordpress: https://hamar-tennis.no/wp-login.php?action=register

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  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited November 2017 Answer ✓

    could you try changing the function like this?

    //Disable registrations using Social Login function oa_social_login_disable_registrations ($email) { if ( ! email_exists ($email)) { wp_redirect ('https://hamar-tennis.no/wp-login.php?action=register'); exit(); } return $email; } //This filter will be applied when new users are registering using social login add_filter('oa_social_login_filter_new_user_email', 'oa_social_login_disable_registrations');


  • Thank's for your reply Claude. Your code did not work like expected so did a little googling and found out that the wp_redirect function require a exit(); so after adding this code after wp_redirect ('https://hamar-tennis.no/wp-login.php?action=register'); it's now working! Thank you :-)
  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited November 2017
    Sorry, completely forget about the exist! Thank you for the update, I've added it to my example.

    I'm glad to hear that it works now!


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