Twitter login not working

I followed the directions 4 times and I keep receiving the following error message...

An error has occured while processing the request
[] Could not connect to Twitter
Please verify the Twitter configuration in your OneAll account. If you are the owner of this website then you need to follow the setup guide available here: Setup Twitter Configuration
Social Network Integration powered by OneAll | About Us - Data Protection

Then, after this happened, I received an email notice that it needs to be reconfigured all four times as well.

I looked it over carefully to ensure I followed your instructions precisely and there was nothing different between what you described and what I did to use this as a login feature on my page...please assist?


  • This plugin is not working with any of the social networks I set keeps giving me the following message;

    "We unfortunately could not retrieve your email address from Facebook. Please enter your email address in the form below in order to continue."

    So I enter my email address and then it tells me that "This email address is being used by another user"

    I am not logged in...I even went so far as to create a logout link for my shop site, then logged in as myself, then logged out, to ensure I wasn't logged in. Why is all of this so complicated? I thought this was supposed to be an easy process for my customers, but its proving to be more trouble than its worth.

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    edited May 2018

    Hi Laura,

    the plugin is actually working as intended. The email address must be unique amongst you users, this is a WordPress requirement.

    So if you enter your email address, the plugin checks if there is already a user with this email address. In your case, there is already an account, thats why you get this error:

    This email address is being used by another user.

    To fix this issue, please first logout and then login using your username/password.
    Then go to your profile settings and link your Facebook account there.

    Now you can logout and login to this account using Facebook.

  • I am also not able to login with the twitter on the capcut pro apk. Seems like once again the issue from the twitter.

  • If you're unsure about your password or suspect it might be incorrect, you can try resetting it on the Run 3 login page.

  • Simpson_JakeSimpson_JakeMember
    edited December 2023

    Try resetting your new password and see how it goes gorilla tag

  • i also try it with my Capcut Mod Apk but seems like it is not working on them


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