Webview / Google Login Disallow User Agent

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I have created a webview app for a website. When I try to login to google via this webview app, I get a message that the user agent is not allowed (403). You know this message and I also know that Google issues this message if you want to register via Webview.

That's why I changed the user agent in the app and removed the "; wv". Unfortunately, this error message 403 still comes up. This is no longer due to the user agent, but because a new instance is opened by the social login and the user agent I set does not work in the new instance. I have set the user agent correctly in the app. I have now found that when I use the login page with popup:

_oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_popup_usage', 'always']);

The error message from Google no longer comes. I can do log in but after entering the password and ok, the gray wheel spins all the time and when I refresh again the page appears:

This is an intermediate page that is not supposed to be opened directly.

If I understand all of this correctly, the callback does not work within the webview when you work with popup. Is there a way to set another callback or solve this problem?

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards



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