Synchronize.json ReST API

Your page could do with more work as it does not explain by example how to use this API.
Your community here has a range of ambiguous questions and answers implying that your customers need guidance.

The problem is that the call to identities/{{IdentityToken}}.json returns both an access token and a refresh token.
The access token expired after an hour or less so this cannot be used in future.
Presumably your identities/{{SomeToken}}/synchronize.json does the refresh in order to obtain a refreshed/renewed OAuth access token, however I cannot get this to work at all.

I get a range of errors depending upon what {{SomeToken}} I PUT e.g.

Using Refresh and Access Token: "We are really sorry, but the resource you are trying to access does not exist. If you are currently implementing our services, then please make sure that your callback_uri points to a file on your server and not on ours."

Using Identity Token: "The provider did not accept the stored access_token, it is either invalid or expired. Please ask the user to re-login."

Please help?


  • DamienDamienMemberAdministratorOneAll Team

    Hello Garry,

    The access token duration is not managed by our side. The token that needs to be passed into url parameters is the identity token and not any other token. If you set the update_user_data to true, we will make a new call to the provider API to update all identity's data. Are you sure that the identity token used is good ? (You could try the Read Identity endpoint to test).

    Best regards,


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