Height of plugin in Wordpress

Hello! I have problem with height of Social Login in wordpress. For example:
Can you change this height? How about connect photos via the https Protocol to Vkontakte?


  • Hi,
    The connect photos is ready, just we haven't released yet. We'll keep you informed.
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited September 2015
    Hello again,
    Normally this height is set for you based on the various scrollHeights of the root element.
    However, this answer may help you:
    Finally, maybe you can choose the synchronous version of the plugin (in Wordpress dashboard, plugin settings).

    Also, the https link to Vkontakte photos should be available now.

  • Hello! Unfortunately, synchronously with JavaScript does not work. Variant with styles in style.css didn't work either. After the introduction of changes in the code, I saw that to .oneall_social_login_providers don't apply any settings from style.css
    How to solve this problem?
    Thank you for vk! :)
  • Hi,

    What javascript code do you use to display the social login ?
    (are you using the modal window)

  • Hello! Sorry I don't understand what do you mean...

  • Sorry. Do you use the plugin as-is, in Wordpress, or did you modify it ? (the javascript part)
  • I use the plugin as-is, in Wordpress :)
  • Hi,
    We would like to reproduce your behaviour, so any setup information is useful:
    - how about the javascript code included in the page ( _oneall.push(['social_login',... )?
    - other Wordpress plugins that may interefere?
    Anything else you see fit.

    Sorry for the trouble.


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