Contacting API loads forever

I'm using Prestashop with the OneAll Social Plugin 1.7. I have verified that my server has php5_curl installed (using phpinfo() and a manual test), and that my firewall allows outgoing 443 connections (using telnet).

However, both the "Autodetect the best API connection settings" and the "Verify the API settings" display a "Contacting API - please wait..." message with a spinning icon when I click on them, and they never resolve to a success/error message. They just load forever (not literally, but you know what I mean!).

I have triple-checked the API credentials and they are correct.

When I try to use the authentication widget, it gives me an API connection error message, confirming that your plugin is unable to contact your API.

I'm running Prestashop from a HostUS VPS, could that be a source of the problem?


  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited October 2015
    Do you still experience the problem? If not, when did you see it?
    If so, can you test the https connection from your server: by connecting to ?
    Normally your hosting location is not important.

  • hi
    im italian, sorry for my bad english. Im using prestashop and OneAll moldule 1.7 but when i click on AUTODETECT the best API connection Setting the whell run infinitely, nothing happen. Im hosted on ARUBA server. Do i have to configure something?
    Help me please.

  • Hi,
    The log show some activity from your application, are you still having the problem?
    Can you verify the configuration settings after manually setting the API Connection Handler?

  • Hi, i have the same problem, does someone have the solution for that? i've check the keys and the subdomain, and its correctly but when i try to verify the api settings it loads and never changes. I am using prestashop cloud

    Help please.


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