Problem on Callback with the Module on login?destination=*

edited March 2016 in Drupal

I have installed this and configured a several social networks.. this works good but only form one single outgoing root directory.. well it make sense but I have a small issue with this, probably you guys can help me with the problem.

Example working root look something like "" if people click on oneall logos to log via social, the callback works. the user will end up in he's account logged in the website. Links working with the callback:

Example not working it's maybe because of the content redirection plugin drupal 7 has on teasers and content. the link looks like this: when people try to log from the teaser or content widget link on the page, this link adds an extensions to the URL that varies relative to node id.

So far as i can troubleshooting here.. only thing I imagine here is so solve this litle issue with the ?destination=*

Any suggestion?

Kind Regards
Nelson Branco



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