Registering with Windows Live account

For some reason, logging in or registering with a Windows Live account does not seem to work. Facebook, Google, Twitch, Reddit all create new users, but Live will give me a login and permissions screen the first time around, then redirect back to the page without creating or logging in.

Subsequent clicks on the Live icon will simple cause a redirection, but not registration or login.

The app will show up in the Apps Permissions in my Live account, and when removing it from there authorisation will once again be requested. However, still no login.

Could it be the response is no longer properly parsed?

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    We've released a fix for this.
    Could you test your login with Windows Live and tell us if it works?

  • Ashish_PatelAshish_PatelMember
    Answer ✓
    I have deleted and created a new Application and its working now.
    Thanks for your help.


  • Hi,
    The redirect you saw means the login failed. Could be because of parsing error, but Windows Live is currently reporting technical problems.

    Let us know if the problem persists.
  • Gave it a few days, but still get the same result on a number of different web browsers. Anything I see in the web browser suggests that it's a successful login.
  • Hi,
    Indeed! Windows Live have made changes to their API, which is probably the cause of the login errors in Wordpress.
    We'll investigate this and lt you know.

    Thanks for reporting.
  • Account Linking Issue with phpBB for Microsoft Account
  • Hi,
    We're testing a fix for this. We'll update shortly.

  • hi. facing same problem here.
    (login problem)
    it opens a new tab , and i logged in successfully but it redirected me to login page.
    (bigger problem) !!!
    so i opened a new tab
    i got redirected to my inbox automatically ( because i was logged in from session (1) )
    so i get logged out from that account.
    NOW, when i go to my website to get log in from my live account,
    it shows me this : "We're unable to complete your request"
    (tested from all browsers - other devices - cleared chache)
    but it's not working any more!
    is it one way ticket ? :))
    what caused this probelmmmmm?
    tnxxx for help
  • I dont see it working!
    I am using phpBB OneAll Plugin. I am using 2.4.9 verion of phpBB plugin.
  • Hum, could you clear the previous authorizations given by Windows Live to your site (Apps Permissions in the Live account,)?

  • @Fred_Pinel - just tested on my WordPress site, and login/registration worked as expected now. Did not have to reauthenticate for Windows Live, an existing token was used. Was also able to authenticate from an incognito session.

    Your fix resolved this for me.
  • I have reset the password key for Live application it still doesnt work on phpBB.
    All it does it on clicking microsoft Live Login, It will show up redirecting page and then homepage of forum.
  • @ Ashish_Patel, is the user logged in? Although the redirection does not do what you expect?

  • I have tried for user without login and user with login in both cases same problem.
    Here is the link
  • @Ashish_Patel,
    Could you post the URL of the Windows error popup? (copy/paste the URL when you attempt to link to a Windows Live account). Should be something like: ...

  • Hi again,
    It could be due to a misconfiguration of the Microsoft app, especially the Redirect URI (with the correct Oneall subdomain), Implicit flow ticked, Live SDK ticked.

  • Thanks. It works now


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