option to discconet a username from social

hi. i'm using wordpress. and i'm using buddypress plugin.
About my question:
imagine a user = A
for example his email is : aaa@a.com
this user had gained his username through signup form (not social)
now, he will use social login button , to sign in.
so afterward, the social profile will be connected to the existing profile(from signup form)
and they will be merged.
this is a normal behavior.

but what if the user wants to detach that specific (social) from his profile?

how can i detach / dc a social connected profile ?

note: i dont want to change the options to not to merge!

thanks for help.

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    okk @fred_pinel
    i've done it. and thanks for your answer and attention :)
    i've done it with this shortcode
    <?php do_action('oa_social_link'); ?>

    this plugin is aweeeesome
    i love it
  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    Answer ✓
    Great, thanks for posting your solution back here.


  • Hi,
    In the user's profile, the user must click on the Social Network icon with a tick.
    That should start an unlink procedure.

  • hi @fred_pinel
    and thanks for the answer.
    i got your answer, but i have a question.
    how can i add those items, in buddypress profile?
    can you help me please?
    my users are not allowed to access the wp-dashboard.
  • edited June 2016
    is it possible to add them in the buddypress profile with a shortcode or something like that?
    i mean just like the one i add to my login form with :
    <?php do_action('oa_social_login'); ?>


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