OneAll Wordpress Plugin with Other Registration Form Plugins

I have the OneAll Wordpress Plugin installed on my Wordpress site, and it works great with the default registration page.

I have tried two other "custom registration form" plugins and the social buttons do not appear like on the default Wordpress registration form. My ultimate goal is to have two registration pages linked on the "coming soon" or "splash" page, one for companies and one for individuals. I want both to have the OneAll options, but need two different forms.

Any thoughts on ways to create two new registration pages that use the OneAll wordpress plugin would be great.



  • Hi,
    The buttons show as actions into standard WP form hooks (login_head, login_form, register_form, after_signup_form), with some additional check on the script name (wp-login.php).
    Maybe, your custom registration forms do not use these hooks? (do_action(...))
    If so, you can add the call to the actions in your custom forms (do_action( 'register_form' ); or do_action('oa_social_login');), or add an action (in theme's functions.php) for a possible custom form's hook ( do_action ('some hook', 'oa_social_login_render_login_form_registration');).

    What custom registration plugins are you using? (so we can have a look)
    Also, is there a web site we could access?



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