How to confirm if all Xing fields are available to us?

Hi, when setting up our Xing integration, on the Xing setup page in the backend, it says the following:

If you enable a feature with a checkbox, the user will be asked for permission to that part of his profile when he logs in.
If permission is given, the corresponding value will be returned by the OneAll API.

However, there aren't any fields that have checkboxes.

How would we confirm if we're receiving all the data from Xing into Oneall?


  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
    edited September 2016
    In general, if the boxes are not checkable, then there are all requested.
    The user may decide not to provide all information though.
    Have you already used Xing to login?

  • Thanks Fred!

    Yes, I've just used Xing to create a profile, so if you could check what data is being is received, that would be great.
  • Hi Jason,
    Actually, there is an online tool to verify this. (It is also useful for future questions of the sort)
    If you go to the, under your application, Developer's corner, there is a User token lookup option, which shows what is obtained when logging in.
    Try to log with Xing and see the fields your app would get.

    Hope this helps.


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