Can only see once instance of the OneAll icons at a time

I have come across that it appears the plugin will only show once instance of the social login icons at a time.
I have used popup/modal style login pages for my site, and when the icons are shown on the sign up page, they do not show in the login popup if the user clicks on the link to login when signing up.

The code I have used to display my login icons is as follows:

var _oneall = _oneall || []; _oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_callback_uri', window.location.href]); _oneall.push(['social_login', 'set_providers', [ 'amazon', 'facebook', 'google', 'linkedin', 'windowslive']]); _oneall.push(['social_login', 'do_render_ui', 'oa_social_login']); </script>

I have used the the javascript to help display the network names beneath the icons to remove confusion for any user (not everyone on our site is expected to know the site by icon)

Thanks for any assistance

Best Answer

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Answer ✓

    for multiple instance you need to setup multiple containers, e.g.:

    <div id="oa_social_login_1"></div> <div id="oa_social_login_2"></div> <div id="oa_social_login_3"></div>

    And then render it in each of the containers:

    _oneall.push(['social_login', 'do_render_ui', 'oa_social_login_1']); _oneall.push(['social_login', 'do_render_ui', 'oa_social_login_2']); _oneall.push(['social_login', 'do_render_ui', 'oa_social_login_3']);


  • Thank you very much for that, that worked perfectly, and has resolved the issue I had on my site.


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