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  • Hello, As I answered you by support ticket, the best is to answer them and ask them why they delete the app. Best regards, Damien
  • Hello, Which plugin is concerned by this translation ? I can see that in Social Login we do have greek translation ie : Συνδεθείτε μέσω. To be able to see the translation, the user browser needs to be in the concerned language. Best regards, …
  • Hello, It means that the website in question has reached the user limit but didn't upgrade its account. You need to contact the website directly to know more about the situation. Best regards, Damien
  • If you have any problem with your Facebook account, please contact Facebook directly. For other people, if you received the same email with this sentence : "To bring your app into compliance, provide the following in your appeal: When reviewing y…
  • Hello, You need to set as authorized domain oneall.com. Did you check our Google Submission guide ? Please log into your OneAll account > Select your OneAll site > Social Networks > Google > Google App submission. Best regards, Da…
  • Hello Ivan, You can find the last version of plugin here : https://github.com/oneall/social-login-simple-machines-forum. Be sure to take the good version for your SMF version. Best regards, Damien
  • Hello Garry, The access token duration is not managed by our side. The token that needs to be passed into url parameters is the identity token and not any other token. If you set the update_user_data to true, we will make a new call to the provid…
  • Hello Garry, Thank you for the notification, I will try to make as soon as possible a Postman collection for an easiest use of the API. Best regards, Damien
  • Hello Michael, I will test with Opencart 4 if the plugin is working correctly. Thank you for the notice. Best regards, Damien
  • Hello Erick, You can find the last version of phpBB plugin here : https://github.com/oneall/social-login-phpbb You will find Discord provider in it. Please be sure to take the good plugin version according to your phpBB version. Best regards,…
  • Hello, As answered by ticket, you can use this code : $discordID = ''; if (property_exists($identity, 'accounts') && is_array($identity->accounts)) { foreach ($identity->accounts as $account) { $dis…
  • Hi Marc, Did you try to test our plugin for WHMCS 8+ ? You can find it here on our github repo : https://github.com/oneall/social-login-whmcs/tree/whmcs/8.0+ Best regards, Damien
  • Hello Marc, Thank you for the notice. You would like to integrate this as a new provider ? To be able to integrate it, they must provide a Oauth API but for the moment I don't find it. Best regards, Damien
  • Hello Matyas, Maybe your application is not configured correctly. Could you please open a support ticket to send me your website link and some screenshot of your Apple application settings ? Do not post these information here. Best regards,…
  • Instagram is not usable as a login method anymore. Meta asks to use Facebook login instead of Instagram for login. To be able to use the Instagram API, you will need your FB application to be reviewed, but if it's used for login, they will reject it…


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