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  • Hi guys i am just posting my finding based on feedback from my users. I still get these emails although they are rare now. It seemed to be an issue with the basic browser on older samsung phones. I have advised my users who are using older phones to…
  • Apologies for reviving this post, how would i increase the character limit for the caption message i would like to put some more text in there and some html, maybe a couple of images, i have found the section in the database to edit the caption but …
  • As always thanks fred, and apologies for my untimely reply
  • Sorry for the very late response, i have been working solid night shifts. I have over 1,000 users registered and using the site just fine. I have had no less than 5 of these emails now. I am sure its just due to outages of the facebook API. Thanks…
  • Thanks fred, i think i will leave as it is. Your answer is much appreciated
  • thanks fred. I think i could write a php file that would check the user row in the database and return back true or false for group id then return a json statement of true or false. Im just not sure where to start with it, I am starting to understan…
  • Cancel the above. The reason i wanted social login to ACP is that users who reg with their facebook account that were upgraded to admin could not login to ACP. They tried Facebook password etc and did not match. They just set a new password within u…


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