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  • Ok forget what I said. You suggest to rate the question as Answered or Not at the moment you reply. And this option disappears when I am the last one to reply (and I understand people would normally first want to say THANKS and then to rate. Or anyh…
  • Claude, where are you, I figured it out. 1. The authmap table without previous path is OK and works (I am on Drupal 7 and I am sure I installed D7 version of your plugin, so just take note). 2. The problem I was looking at is = on some attempts to…
  • Here is the log. The 3 mistakes they are ours on that page, not related to your plugin but to the scripts on the page where you get redirected.
  • Are you sure it is Drupal's? Look what it has inside And the structure Looks like something yours... And it collects users that log in through social plugins...
  • It was not the table name. As it worked well till yesterday I restored yesterday's database and the tables are exactly the same, and it does allow users log in instead of registering new users now, I have no idea why. BUT... See what happens... Reg…
  • Look, I found in my db a table authmap (without any previous path) that has some data stored in it... Controlled by your plugin. The Drupal module has created it like this... Maybe I should rename the table into oneall_social_login_authmap to see if…
  • Hi Claude, thank you so much for replying. I installed the Drupal OneAll Module again, so that it could rewrite any possible database errors. There are 2 tables now in the database - oneall_social_login_settings and oneall_social_login_identities. …


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