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  • Hi Frederic, Thanks for your reply, Where do I find those tables? is that in SQL? Do you have a link for the GitHub update? Is that an official release done by yourselves? Thanks, Dan
  • Hi Frederic, I have a request for you, is there any way you can identify which users have used the Oenall method of signing up or if they have done it the traditional way? If not, could you please add it in the next update, it would make it a lot …
  • Hey Frederic, That's great to hear! I think if you can let users and Admin's do it from users profiles that would be perfect! Thanks for you time in looking into this. I really appreciate it! Please let me know when you have been able to incorpo…
  • Frederic, This may be connected, yes! But even if it is fixed now, how will it help the users already signed up to the forum without their profile pictures? There really needs to be an update to either pull profile pictures across on a per user bas…
  • Hi Frederic, What are the optimal profile pic settings for phpbb? Any idea why the profile pics for so many users aren't working? I think most people use jpg or png anyway, I wouldn't have thought that many would have gif's? It seems Facebook al…
  • Frederic, What are the limitations to the picture types and sizes? This would be really useful to know. Thanks, Dan
  • OK, That may pose a problem, as the ones who have signed up and not had their profile pic transferred will never have it updated automatically then? They will need to upload a pic manually. Also people tend to update their profile quite regularly an…
  • Hi Frederic, I have just double checked the Admin log and yes that was the only version that I have installed. I have also noticed that one of the users has changed their profile picture on Facebook and that change hasn't updated on his forum accou…


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