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  • Hi, Thanks Fred it worked. However, the Advanced part in my app didn't have Valid OAuth redirect. It is now located in the Facebook login portion that's part of the app. As seen here: Thank you for all the help!
  • Hi, So I pretty much finished moving my data and etc. and got most of the extensions installed and it's good. If you try to log-in using Facebook though I get an error. I checked the app and it has my domain with wildcard, same with Facebook. How…
  • Hi, I created a sub-domain and tried doing the same thing you did and it also works. I decided to back-up my main domain and transfer my database to a freshly installed Joomla after deleting the old main one. As of now I'm in the process of install…
  • Hi, Yes, I will guide you. To have the module incorporated into the menu, create one main menu item in the main menu called login that goes to the component login or a header menu called login, Assuming the OneSocial module is already published and…
  • Hi, Thank you. I am unsure where to add that line of code, but it seems it's a hard-code on my part into the view of my template if I'm on the right track. Is it adding it to the index.php or header.php block? I thought the component would do that …


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