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The iframe height for my log in is set with an inline style that has an important tag on it. I need to change the height so it won't cut off the icons I'm using here is a screenshot It is set at 167px I just need it to be 300px.

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  • Bob_DamanBob_DamanMemberModerator
    edited March 2015 Answer ✓
    Hi Shane,

    you need to use CSS to set the height of the div that contains the iFrame.

    As far as I can see you have already added this style:

    div#oa_social_login_container { position: relative; top: 147px; }

    You need to change it like this:

    div#oa_social_login_container { height: 320px; position: relative; top: 147px; }


  • Bob_DamanBob_DamanMemberModerator
    Could you please a post a direct link to that site?
    I need to have a look at the CSS/HTML.
  • Here is the link After you arrive a pop up will appear and then if you click already a member you can see it on the right. I had it working at one point where it would show all three buttons but I had to move the site and now it seems after the move something is no longer working.


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