Approve my site!

Hi guys,

Could you please approve my site as well as its subdomains today?
I have added it to whitelist 2 days ago and there is no effect whiles for my other sites you approved the OneAll login very quickly.

Could you please let me know do I something wrong for this case?
Many thanks!

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  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
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    Hi Tim,

    the website was in fact not whitelisted for your subdomain freedatingplatform.
    I have now added it to your whitelist.



  • Delete the cache! It gets approved automatically if you've put the info in right :)
  • Hi Fredrik,

    Unfortunately it does now work. I have cleaned the cache in two browsers and tried - no effect.
    Please take a look on mysite - and on my whitelist settings. Maybe you will be able to find an error?

  • Ok, thanks.
  • Hello,

    Again I faced the same problem with my site ''. I have added 3 domains to the whitelist:

    And nothing happens. Could please let me know where you have added 'freedatingplatform' subdomain, because I am not seeing it among my sites in the whitelist.

  • Hi there. Getting quite frustrated now, as this issue has not been fixed.

    Please see

    This has been whitelisted for some time, but is still not showing up properly. Yes I have cleared the cache. Are we doing something wrong?

    We've whitelisted others before and it does take a few days for them to show as whitelisted.

    Please advise how to get this to work much more quickly and efficiently, as we have hundreds of sites we'll be adding over the next few months...?

    Thank you in advance
  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Tim,

    the problem is that you are adding to the whitelist of the OneAll subdomain freeandsingle BUT using the OneAll subdomain freedatingplatform on

    These are two different OneAll subdomains. You are basically changing the settings of a subdomain that you are not using.

    You now have two possible solutions:

    1) You modify the whitelist of the correct subdomain: freedatingplatform (This is the subdomain that you are using on your website).

    2) You modify the settings in your website and you change the subdomain to freeandsingle

    What is important is to use and work the same subdomain everywhere.
  • Hi Claude,
    Got it. Please let me know what we should do then:

    1. Buy a second account for 'freedatingplatform' subdomain?

    2. Or do we need to buy a separate account for any niche site we create? E.g:

    Please advise.
    Many thanks.

  • Claude_SchlesserClaude_SchlesserAdministratorOneAll Team
    Hi Tim,

    you can use one and the same OneAll subdomain for all of your websites.

    As you already have a Plus plan for the OneAll subdomain freeandsingle you should use this subdomain on all of your websites.
  • Tim_TaylorTim_TaylorMember
    edited May 2015
    OK, can you please then explain then in accurate way, how I can add sites? What exactly I should to my white list?

    I added:

    Please be informed when I created sites

    and added them to the whitelist, everything became working fine. They also were built on freedatingplatform. Please let me know what is difference if I use the same appriach of sites creating and adding them to whitelist?

    Also could you please give me your skype id or phone in order to discuss the problem in detail?



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