Emailing info to Multiple Address & Auto Logout Upon Leaving Website

I am using this plugin for text code lead capture on single property real estate websites. The idea is that a potential buyer drives by the house and texts a message in order to get more info. They're then prompted to login. Once they do, they're redirected to the Wordpress homepage. I would like the login info emailed to both me and my client (the real estate agent). Also, is there a way to auto logout as soon as someone leaves my site? My concern is that on the mobile landing page, users might not notice the Oneall icons at the top, or even if they do, they might not realize that they have to press them in order to get back in to view the homepage. Basically, I want users to have to tap the Facebook login icon every time they tap the link to my landing page from their text message, and for myself and my client to get an email every time they do.


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    Apologies for not being clear, the email is sent to the administrator. Only one address there.


  • Hi,
    If we understand correctly you want to send an email notification when a URL is accessed (even if the user is logged in). The URL is in a reply text message.
    This is not covered by our Social Login plugin.
    Our plugin currently notifies by email when users register.
    The auto-logout question looks like a workaround to get the notification at login (and force login for every request).

    So, if we understand your questions correctly, I'd look into email notifications when a page is accessed (or loads). Either through WP plugins or custom code.

  • Okay, but can I still have the login info sent to more than one address?
  • Hi,

    For now, only the registration process gets email notification.
    There should be other plugins, or code snippets that send emails notifications when a user logs in (or accesses a given page,...).

  • Right. I get that I can't get an email every time a user logs in. However, can I get an email sent to more than one address when a new user registers? Sorry I didn't make that clear before.
  • Hi,

    Regarding your question, maybe the Zapier integration can help, take a look at:

    Hope this helps.
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