PHP json_decode fails when double-quote in contact

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I'm using the PHP User API \ read_user_contacts and notice that PHP json_decode(...) fails when a contact (in my case from backend Google/Google+ contacts) when e.g. the name - .............['name']['formatted'], contains a double quote, e.g. like:

John "Golf" Johnson

I wonder if these double quotes preferably should have been removed on the oneall side? It is somehow hard to parse and remove it after receiving the data from oneall and before invoking PHP json_decode(...).

Best regards,

Kevin Kliland

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  • Hi,

    Could you please post to us your part of your code that produces the json_decode error? (here, or by email if you prefer).

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    will come back soon.....

  • Hi,

    Thanks for coming back to me.

    The (-test) code is as follows:

    $oneall_curly->get (SITE_DOMAIN . "/users/" . $user_token . "/contacts.json?disable_cache=true");
    $result_inner = $oneall_curly->get_result ();

    if ($result_inner->http_code == 200)
    $body_inner = $result_inner->body;
    $body_inner_new = json_decode($body_inner, true); <---- NOTE: FAILS, IS EMPTY
    if (empty($body_inner_new)) <---- NOTE: ENTERS HERE
    echo 'JSON LAST ERROR ' . json_last_error() . "\n";
    echo 'JSON ERROR MSG ' . json_last_error_msg() . "\n";

    It is easy to reproduce, when I remove the double quotes inside the name in my contacts (e.g. from Google) everything works fine. When I add a double quote (") to one of my contacts the problems comes back again.


    John "Golf" Johnson is not ok.

    John Johnson is ok.

    John Golf Johnson is ok.

    I've tried json_decode with and without giving 'true' as parameter but with the same result (i.e. in order on working on PHP arrays or objects).

    I was first able to find out what the problem actually was after installing jsonlint on Ubuntu for parsing the JSON, the program told me which strings was incorrect JSON (e.g. "Golf" in my example above).
  • Hi Claude,

    Yes, that is correct I'm using the PHP SDK.

    Thanks so much for so swift and extremely good support.

    Yes, your suggestion worked just perfect :-)


  • Hi,
    The correction has been pushed to the github repository (


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