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my forum is on phpBB v3.1.4, I installed OneAll Social Login and it runs great.

I wonder if I can disable the account validation when a user log in with a social account.
Or, at least, if it's possible to replace the admin validation with a user validation via email.

Thank you.

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  • Fred_PinelFred_PinelMember
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    Yes, you should be able to disable the administration validation by selecting the proper option in the ACP -> General -> User registration settings.



  • Thank you very much, I didn't realize that I was still requiring the admin validation for EVERY user.
  • I've turned off admin verification as above but am still getting this message when testing user login with facebook (newly configured)

    "The account has been created. However, the forum settings require account activation by an administrator.
    An email has been sent to the administrators and you will be informed by email once your account has been activated."

    When logging in with twitter, it works fine without this error. Any thoughts?
  • Hi. I have now user registration email-validation for all new users. Is it possible to allow users registering with SocialLogin to bypass that and be activated without the email validation? If I disable the email validation from ACP, then it will be disabled for all new users, which i do not want.
  • Hi,
    This is not possible as is.
    (It might be possible with other plugin, because now OneAll registered users belong a specific group.)

    However, if you want, here are some custom changes that can do that (only briefly tested):
    In file: /phpbb path/ext/oneall/sociallogin/acp/sociallogin_acp_module.php
    - Line 2146, replace this:
    if (!$user_random_email && ($config ['require_activation'] == USER_ACTIVATION_SELF || $config ['require_activation'] == USER_ACTIVATION_ADMIN) && $config ['email_enable'])with:
    if (!$user_random_email && ($config ['require_activation'] == USER_ACTIVATION_ADMIN) && $config ['email_enable']) - Lines 2245, 2246, replace these:
    $error_message = $user->lang ['OA_SOCIAL_LOGIN_ACCOUNT_INACTIVE_OTHER']; $email_template = 'user_welcome_inactive';with:
    $email_template = 'user_welcome';

    Hope this helps.
  • @Sophia_Kelly

    Apologies for missing your question in that discussion.
    Not sure it matters anymore, but just in case:
    With PhpBB validation, the Social Login extension expects an email address.
    Twitter often does not provide the email address, while Facebook often does.
    So, and this is not ideal, the PhpBB validation was probably still in effect, but because the Twitter profile came without an email address, it carried on with the registration.
    To account for this, in the Social Login settings, set the email validation options.

  • Hi

    Files changed a bit, and I don't know which lines should I change, because part of the code from /phpbb path/ext/oneall/sociallogin/acp/sociallogin_acp_module.php was probably moved to sociallogin\core\helper.php

    could you update your code? :)


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